Crimson Keyboard

Elegant design. Clever Predictive Typing.
Custom Emoji Keyboard. Smart Spacebar.

Introducing a better way to type on iPhone.

Crimson adapts to your writing style and provides smart, personal and contextual suggestions. It shows predictions directly above the keys you’re likely to tap next. Just swipe up on a key to complete the word. You can even use multiple languages simultaneously.

List of supported languages and layouts

A refined, yet familiar design.

We took the native keyboard design and made it even better. Delightful animations, click sounds and a dedicated dark mode make Crimson feel right at home on your iOS device. The Smart Spacebar splits in two to provide easy access to punctuation marks. Personalize it with a custom tint color.

Built-in Emoji Keyboard

Crimson comes with its own emoji keyboard, making switching to and picking emoji lightning fast. Continuously scroll through the improved emoji sections, or drag the scrubber to quickly jump to the right section.

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It really is the best iOS keyboard I’ve used.

Like the native iOS keyboard, but better.

Predictive typing without that annoying suggestion bar.

One of the smartest keyboards so far. (...) We're deeply impressed.

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Designed by Doney den Ouden & developed by Laurin Brandner