Crimson Keyboard

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. We don't sell your data to third parties; we don't even collect your data. We set out to build the best keyboard there is, so we consider ourselves end users as well.

Adaptxt Engine

Crimson Keyboard features the super smart local prediction engine Adaptxt, developed by KeyPoint Technologies and licensed by Crimson Keyboard.

Predictive Typing

When Predictive Typing is enabled, Crimson Keyboard will learn words you use frequently and will get acquainted with your writing style, all without your keystrokes being sent over the internet for analysis. Predictive Typing uses a local database of dictionaries in various languages to provide suggestions.

If desired, the Predictive Typing feature can be disabled in the Crimson Keyboard settings found in the Crimson Keyboard app. You can also specify which dictionaries to use here.

Personal Dictionary

If you frequently use words that are not in the local dictionaries, Crimson Keyboard will learn them and add them to your Personal Dictionary.

If desired, the Personal Dictionary can be disabled in the Crimson Keyboard settings. You can individually remove words that have been learned in the Personal Dictionary settings.

Full Access

In order to sync your preferences from our app to the keyboard and get access to system functions like sounds, Crimson needs Full Access toggled on in the Keyboards section of the system Settings app. The dialog window will warn you that your keystrokes might be transmitted over the internet, but as described above Crimson will never do this. This dialog shows the same message for every keyboard, regardless of the actual internet functionality it uses. Therefore enabling Full Access is optional, but when disabled your preferences won't be saved and some features will not work.

Designed by Doney den Ouden & developed by Laurin Brandner